BookLiberator Beta BASIC

BookLiberator Beta BASIC

Product Description

BookLiberator Beta BASIC

BookLiberator Beta, "BASIC" edition. Please note that BookLiberator Beta is meant for early adopters.

See for what this is all about!

CAMERAS NOT INCLUDED. Please note that the Beta units do not include the two digital cameras. We just show them in some pictures so you can see how the BookLiberator is used. The BookLiberator will work with any mass-market digital cameras that accept a standard screw-in camera mount, and one of the purposes of this Beta production run is for users try out all sorts of cameras, so that for 1.0, we'll know what cameras to ship with.

Assembly required. BookLiberator Beta comes as a kit. All materials (except cameras) are included; only a screwdriver is needed to assemble it.

Software is free and open source. Please see

NO WARRANTY. BookLiberator Beta units come with no warranty. They are explicitly for early adopters; yes, you can read that as "we're still working out the bugs here". The main open issue is that we're still figuring out what cameras to use for 1.0 (which is why Beta units don't come with cameras — we need you all to try some and let us know!). We're pretty happy with the base and cube design and think those are finalized, but we need more feedback from users to be sure. Finally, the software is not yet easy for non-technical users, though that is not an issue with the Beta units per se.

KNOWN ISSUES: The rubber strips that help the base grip the table surface aren't glued strongly enough to the underside of the base. We found this in testing and have already talked to our manufacturer about it; 1.0 will not have this problem. In the meantime, it's easy to just add some glue. We also encountered an issue with the width of one plexiglass pane: it was a tiny bit wider than cube face, which caused a slight curvature of the pane. We're not sure how widespread this problem is, because most of the units are already boxed and sealed and we can't check every one of them. However, the solution we used was pretty simple: pad one of the side clamps with a small scrap of cardboard. It might also be possible to either shave one side of the plexiglass or just get a new pane (they're cheap).

Those are the only issues we know about.

What's the difference between the "BASIC" edition and the other editions?

None. The five Beta versions are exactly the same product: BASIC (that's this one), EAGER, SRSLY, THANX, and UROCK. The only difference is the price.

This Beta run is in part a fund-raising effort: we're a non-profit, mass access to book liberation helps our mission, and the more money the Beta run earns, the better we can make the upcoming BookLiberator 1.0 and the more we can improve the accompanying software.

So please consider the options, check your bank balance, and use your judgement. Anything you pay beyond the price of the lowest-priced unit may be taken as a tax deduction in the US, as is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit.