is a non-profit organization founded to spread awareness of how modern copyright law interferes with creativity and open collaboration, and to promote the development of non-restrictive distribution methods.

At our store,, we sell two kinds of merchandise:

1. Items like stickers and shirts that show your support for freedom-based culture. All profits from these items go to support our non-profit work.

2. Products related to a particular artist's work; in these cases, profits are shared with the artist. For example, in our Sita Sings the Blues section, we sell DVDs of Nina Paley's award winning movie Sita Sings the Blues. The film is released under a free license, which means everyone is free to copy it, remix it, etc. People buy the DVD here (as well as shirts, prints, and other objects related to the movie) because they know it supports the artist.

For more information about this decentralized, non-monopolistic distribution model, see Understanding Free Content and The Sita Distribution Project. All "Sita" related merchandise here is Creator-Endorsed by Nina Paley, meaning she gets some (or all) of the profits! The rest benefits

How to contact us:

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For everything else, see the non-profit organization contact page.

Our order fulfillment and customer service are handled by in Austin, TX. We've been with them since 2008; they're great, and we wholeheartedly recommend them if you're thinking of setting up an online store.