When you shop with us, you are supporting the artist, and supporting freedom.

When we sell a product containing the work of a particular artist, we share profits with the artist. For example, when you buy a DVD of Sita Sings the Blues here (or a "Sita Sings the Blues" T-shirt or other product), the filmmaker, Nina Paley, benefits directly. Because we share profits with her, Nina endorses our distribution of her film, and that in turn makes people more likely to buy it here:

Creator-Endorsed Mark

But all of our products, including those not related to a particular artist, promote unmonopolized distribution: the idea that no one should have monopoly control over the uses and re-uses of works of the mind. Culture flourishes when people don't have to ask permission first.

For more information about why copyright restrictions do not help artists, and how artists can flourish by accepting and permitting freedom, see:

Understanding Free Content

The (Surprising) History of Copyright & The Promise of a Post-Copyright World

The Sita Distribution Project

But even if you think this whole Free Content idea is crazy, you can still buy a T-shirt here. It's a lot easier than making your own.